Author Topic: Release 4 The biggest upgrade yet!  (Read 693 times)


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Release 4 The biggest upgrade yet!
« on: December 20, 2014, 10:00:20 AM »
▶ Simpler choice for your bidding style via streamlined settings screens
  • 3 levels of Acol (including EBU Foundation and EBU level 2)
  • 3 levels of SAYC (including ABCL recommended card)
  • 2 levels of Benji Acol
▶ New conventions introduced
  • Baron 3C and ‘normal’ Stayman added to Puppet Stayman over 2NT
  • Jacoby 2NT strong suit support for partner
  • Truscott 2NT suit support after partner suit opener is doubled
  • Ogust response to weak 2s looking for game
  • Inverted minors, denying a major and looking for game
  • Unassuming cue bids to show strong support for partner overcall
  • Splinters to show strong suit support plus singleton or void
  • Strong jump overcall choice used in beginner systems
  • Weak take-out choice after 1NT as alternative to Transfers
▶ Internationals matches
  • BriJ can now download .LIN (often used for major competitions) as well as .PBN files
  • Load deal comes with a TOURNAMENT folder preloaded with some International matches
  • More to come in later releases
▶ Fixes and improvements
  • Look and feel: smarter default layout and cards. Shorter default put-away tricks delay time
  • Bidding: some improved inferences
  • Play: some improvement to play, particularly toward the end of a game. More major review in the new Year, particularly affecting declarer play
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