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Card play issues / Re: PBN files
« Last post by sarveshmotihari on August 20, 2015, 09:24:10 AM »
You can have a look at the best android emulator for pc Install any one of the them, and you are good to go.
BriJ on a PC / Latest emulators for Android on a PC
« Last post by BriJ on August 16, 2015, 09:09:35 AM »
Microsoft is promising that you'll soon be able to run Android apps on Windows 10:) 

In the meantime there are emulators that some members have mentioned in posts, including BlueStacks.

There are web sites listing other possibilities, e.g.

Another free product I've noticed recently is Nox App Player

Has anyone tried this yet?

Latest News on BriJ Releases / Release 4.13.2
« Last post by BriJ on August 15, 2015, 08:55:10 AM »

This release fixes a few teething problems in 4.13:
  • prevention of a (very rare) crash on start-up
  • more changes when playing 3rd before Dummy
  • 'final' fix to vulnerability as it shows in the score sheet
  • better layout for LITE - a smaller Dummy space gives more room in the centre
  • better layout for large tablets in landscape mode: a wider control panel makes it easier to read help, hints and also club download results in the 'aim' tab
General Discussion / Bluetooth pairing setting
« Last post by esemones on July 24, 2015, 11:59:54 PM »
FYI To play with your partner via bluetooth both players must have  ME  as bottom player & BriJ robot as all others in Settings before bluetooth pairing occurs.
Latest News on BriJ Releases / Release 4.13
« Last post by BriJ on July 23, 2015, 05:04:44 PM »
Release 4.13 is out. Changes include:-

▶  New Convention Card requests Robot partners ALWAYS pass 1NT doubled for penalties, even if they are very weak (PRO only)
▶  Hints for Robot or Bluetooth partners now hidden. You can still touch other player's cards to see full explanations
▶  Weakness take-out into long suit as response 1NT (for beginners - Pro only)
▶  Improved layout for large tablets, including wider control panel
▶  Vulnerability indicators now clearer
▶  Play improvements in 2nd or 3rd seat
▶  Fixes

Did you know? / Did you know BriJ players are now bidding 20,000 games per day!
« Last post by BriJ on May 08, 2015, 07:29:53 AM »
Take a look at to see live:
  • numbers of games played
  • where in the world they are played
  • what bidding systems are in use in the Pro version
All updated hourly.

Latest News on BriJ Releases / Release 4.12
« Last post by BriJ on April 24, 2015, 10:10:21 AM »
Release 4.12 is out. Changes include:-
  • When saving a deal, you can now enter a description of the deal and choose a storage folder for the file beneath brijgames
  • Improvements and fixes for bidding and play strategy, particularly in defence play, for example when playing before Dummy
  • Improvements and fixes for Bluetooth operation: Hints in popups cleaned up; Scoring when playing against partner now reflected correctly; Circumvention for a Kindle HDX Bluetooth pairing issue
  • Pro version only: New option whereby you can specify that a 4 club bid always means Gerber
General Discussion / Re: Much reduced Bluetooth reliabilty with new version
« Last post by BriJ on April 24, 2015, 09:57:53 AM »
4.12 is now out. It has more Bluetooth changes to circumvent Bluetooth Pairing issues with the latest Kindle HDX "Fire" operating system.
There have been no other reports from anyone using "standard" Android devices. All our own testing on a range of Android mobiles and tablets shows solid and reliable Bluetooth pairing and connection.
General Discussion / Re: Much reduced Bluetooth reliabilty with new version
« Last post by BriJ on April 10, 2015, 07:22:05 AM »
4.11.1 has been out for some time now with no reports of any problems. Please email if you can add some detail. Thanks.
Latest News on BriJ Releases / Release 4.11.1
« Last post by BriJ on March 31, 2015, 06:41:51 PM »
Release 4.11.1 delivers
  • some small improvements to bidding and play
  • fixes to Bluetooth operation, particularly when playing in opposition
  • BriJ website integration
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